Sunday, October 17, 2010

I need Help finding this Grot

I have a great idea for an upcoming project and hit a snag.

I need to get this grot with wrench

He is part of the Forgeworld grot kit but I only need that one and would rather just buy him than pick up the whole kit and sell the extras on E-bay.
I am now also looking for this one with hammer from the stompa kit

If you can help,please add a comment and we'll trade info.


Ginge said...

I think there's a similar one in the Ork stompa kit... if that one would be equally suitable it might be easier to find :o)

BigWill said...

I saw what you are talking about,But I still want the forge world one,he has the pose I am looking for.
But you did help in finding a second perfect model the one with the hammer.
I have updated the post accordingly

Ginge said...

Glad to be of help, good luck with your bitz hunt :o)

PX said...

I have the hammer grot (from the Stompa kit) that I wont be using. Let me know where to send it and what kinda head you'd like with it. It's partially primed with a thin black vallejo polyurethane airbrush primer.

BigWill said...

Thanks PX I am not going to need that one after all