Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blood Pact Sentinel Pt1

This weekend I couldn't decide which of the 12 projects I juggle to work on,so I figure I might as well just start something new.

I had a couple of the new sentinels for a while and decided to start on the squadron.

The first two are Armageddon pattern up armored and sporting lascannons.

The last I cannot decide whether or not to keep them 3 of a kind or make the last one a scout model.

I wonder if that would be a waste,if the squadron has to stay together,then I would think the other two would crap on the other guys scout model, snagging branches and making a lot of noise due to being enclosed in a cab.

But I added chainblades to both because what Khornite driver would not attach the 5 foot chainsaw to his rig.

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