Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Heretical Inquisitor Heldane

It is no secret my Favorite 40k book of all time is the Eisenhorn Omnibus.

There is a great character who tries to steal Eisenhorns Daemonhost.

Inquisitor Golesh Constantine Pheppos Heldane.

I used a skeleton horse head,cabling,and g/s and the body of a crusader.

One of these days I have the greatest Inquisition force in the making,I just need to put it together someday.


sonsoftaurus said...

Very cool conversion! Aside from the head/hood itself, the extra cables and tank are nice touches.

Chris said...

Quite a random conversion there! I'm also a huge fan of the trilogy, but I saw Heldane rather differently... Personally I'd have modified a Beastman head :) Did you know he also shows up in the Gaunt's Ghosts series?