Friday, September 17, 2010

Finished Blood Pact Champion

Here he is finally completed.

I love the way he turned out,I wish I had him when I went to the Golden Daemon.

Four more just like him might of placed.

I washed the gold on the base with Leviathan Purple then used Vallejo Verdi-Gris glaze to corrode it.

I used MIG Industrial City Dirt and various rust colored powders to bring the base up to the level of the mini.

As everyone knows a good base can easily make or break a mini.
Next will be the banner bearer that comes with the command kit.


John Lambshead said...

I had a mate at university who looked like that after punk rock concerts in the union bar.

Very nicely painted and posed.

The Antipope said...

One of my favourite models from Forge World and you did it justice with the paint job. Grim, gritty and evil.
One question popped into my mind though. Do loyalist have blue and green plasma guns/pistols and chaotic have red? Is it like the light sabers or the Transformer laser beams?

BigWill said...

Nah I think whatever contrasts better.
I still wonder If I should make it a teal green like on the base to help tie them in

Cyborg Trucker said...

Very nice. I like the purple power core on the plasma pistol. A nice sympathetic contrast (if there is such a thing), to a bright one.

Tas said...

Fantastic - congrats on a great mini!

b.smoove said...

The attention to color pays off in spades on this mini. He looks absolutely menacing. Excellent work on a tremendous figure.