Saturday, August 11, 2012

Realms of Battle Board Tile 8

I finished tile 8 today,this one is a forest tile.
I used 3 GW tree sets and made a cast of a half to make the fallen trees.
I used a combo of Celuclay and Ultracal to level out the groundwork for the three bases of the trees.
Funny thing originally I was using natural deadwood for the fallen trees.
While I set outside to dry a bird thought one of the branches was perfect for his house.
When I came back a branch was gone and he left a depression down to the plastic.
Turning lemons into tasty lemonade I made the depression a large puddle using water effects and Catachan Green with a touch of Admin Grey.
I ended up casting a tree halves because when once dry the difference between textures of the natural deadwood and GW trees smacked you in the face.

I have one more spare tile to make a theme with but not sure what to do.


Spyrle said...

I like the Forest.

Option 1. Maybe a large crater filled with a mysterious liquid?

Option 2. A derelick drilling rig with a large puddle of mysterious liquid.

Option 3. A ruined bastion and defense line to be placed opposite of the ForgeWorld tile

Will Wright said...

You do like Mysterious Liquid don't you :)
Not bad ideas

I am also thinking
a)Necron Monolith rising
b)Crashed undeployed drop-pod
c)Tyranid infestation tile
d)Blood Lake

Problem is A & C are very army specific and I would like to make the tile useable by all
B is something I should put on a separate base to be used in many different places then just one board.

I would love a trench for opposite the FW tile but to get enough to cross two tiles would cost over $500
The FW guys say it is being talked about so I'll wait and paint this armies worth of Mortalis Tiles......oops did I just let the next project slip ;)

Anonymous said...

That looks fantatstic mate - well spaced so you can still move through with infantry, but not vehicles.

Goes well with your other boards.

I like Spyrles number 2 and 3 options - number 2 because its something different but still themed with the crash board and the FW board and number 3 again as it continues a theme beyond a single board.

Option B in your list is also a goer - although I think my Imperial bias is showing through.

Depends really which armies you have in your collection and who you are likely to face off against - if your opponents are all Ors, it would make less sense having some Nid terrain on it.