Friday, July 27, 2012

The Inquisition...Let's Begin

Hey everybody long time no see.
It's been a while since my last post,I have alot to show you guys.
I was working on my modest Grey Knights army until I got to the Inquisitor,then things started getting out of hand.
The retinue is getting quite large now at least 50 strong.
Truth be told I have been wanting to do the Inquisition proper since I first started modeling,since it was the Eisenhorn Omnibus that got me back into 40k in the first place.
I plan on making many Inquisitors and thier retinues,possibly even a evil Radical when the starter cultists come out.
So to start with a bang some of the retinue I have lifted from Dan Abnetts various Inquisitor books.
Without further ado

Harlon Nayl

Kara Swole

Godwyn Fishig

Zeph Mathuin

Inquisitor Golesh Constatin Pheppos Heldane



Alisebeth Bequin



Yeti's Yell said...

These are awesome man. Gotta say Harlon sorta reminds me of Lemmy from Motorhead here and that isn't a bad thing. I've read the books several times and I suppose I kinda say that as part of his character but never realized it. I know you may not have intentionally made him look that way but we both agree on the result. Way to go!



davetaylor said...

Looking good, I particularly like your Heldane. Where's the Old Man? ; )


Will Wright said...

Both of Them ;)

Anonymous said...

I think these guys a great mate - plenty of inspiration available in both the Eisenhorn and Ravenor volumes.

I've started pulling together various Necromunda and old Guard/Citadel minis to build a similar warband(s).

Harlon is my favourite, and a nice conversion from the Vindicare.

Will Wright said...

Stop bidding on that rare Samurai looking one I want him ;P