Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sons of Sek Test Mini

Well if I am making a chaos IG Army I am going to need alot of troops.
I am playing with the idea of making a Sons of Sek platoon to go with them,maybe even branch off to a small army themselves who knows.
I found this idea trolling the Interwebs using a skeleton warrior hand for the face mask which I liked enough to steal.
The next one I am going to sand down more so it does not stick out so much,


Feral said...

Nice test model, I agree with the hand needing to be closer to the face but otherwise it is a very simple yet effective conversion. :)

Chris said...

It's been a while since I read the Gaunt's Ghosts book featuring the Son's of Sek, but I thought they had armor with high-collars that had a hand symbol over their mouth. It seems like the heroic scale skeleton hand is a bit much, especially with shaved down helmet. It is a very good mini however, and I like the colors.