Monday, December 6, 2010

G for Gretta "One step forward,Two steps back"

I have been able to finish a few of the pieces,the smaller things the canopies,turrets,This upper fuselage piece.
But unfortunately the gloss black enamel base is giving me a real hard time.
I got the dread Orange Peel on one wing and the other had the runs.
So using Lacquer Thinner I bought at the Hardware store for $5(Which is the same as the Alclad Airbrush cleaner but you get about a gallon more)
I stripped it back down to the bare resin.

Since I started some of the detail needs to be re attached due to the handling when I was stripping it.
I will go back over the entire thing with the sanding papers again before I re-prime.
This time I will try the alclad brand gloss black and see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it would not be better to do the gloss black over a regular black basecoat. Never seen anyone use a gloss primer coat, myself.

BigWill said...

Well It has been suggested,I dismissed the idea at first because,regular varnish would get eaten away by the Lacquer,but
Testors makes an airbrushable glosscote that is Lacquer based.
I am going to pick a bottle up tomarrow.

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