Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creed and Kell of the Blood Pact Pt.2

Here they are just about finished.

Kells banner came out really cool with a blood saturated cloth effect I acheived using a gloss varnish then spraying with dullcote while the gloss varnish was still wet.

It gave it a satin sheen,really cool in my opinion.
The brass was basecoated with VMG bronze and then giving a watery wash of VMC Verdi-Gris glaze.

The bases are basecoated in Chardon Granite and then Tamiya Mud weathering compact is applied wet.


Student Teacher said...

Wow those are crazy good! Keep up the good work!

D'nyarak said...

sunning! I especially like how you used the gagged head for Kell :-)

Karitas said...

Nice work

good, characterful alternatives.

The only potential prblem I forsee is if you play any scrict wysiwyg tournaments, as Creed has two pistols not a sidearm and sword I beleive.

but most places wont be that inflexible

Chris said...

These look really nice :)

BigWill said...

@Karitas He has two holsters one empty and one with the gun still in it ;)
And hell every guardsman has a knife :)