Sunday, June 20, 2010

Demon-Lord of the Night

I have been busy with all sorts of things not related to 40k these days.

So I have not been keeping this blog as busy as the winter but I still work on pieces as time permits.

I have two Members of the Night Lords Raptor squad the Chaos Lord with jumpack and a Possessed marine I made to look like a living avatar of the Night Lords Legion.

I am not sure how to use him, HQ,Demon Prince,or just a plain old possessed marine.

I choose not to sell just the tanks from the last post and instead bang out the other half of the unfinished guard army I was making the 1st Merican Lancers.

Here are two Sentinels for the army,the last is the plastic version that I have magnetized.

And last but not least here is a Pre-Heresy 13th Company Wolf Lord/Guard on chopper that I just sold on E-bay this week.

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